Reviews by Philippe 'BooK' Bruhat


Git-Raw (0.73) *****

I have used Git::Raw when implementing a backend for Git::Database. While doing this, I only used a very limited subset of the library, somewhat "close to the machine". Therefore, this review does not reflect the state of the whole library interface, only the limited subset that I needed.

I found the interface with many similar but different classes (Git::Raw::Object, Git::Raw::Odb::Object, the various Git::Raw::{Commit,Blob,Tree,Tag}, etc) a little cumbersome. The documentation is terse, but nicely complemented by the libgit2 documentation, so I never really needed it.

The support for libgit2 is not complete, but the current maintainer (JACQUESG) is a joy to work with: he was so very responsive, that my requests for features were usually implemented within the day. An unsupported libgit2 function is not a defect: it's an opportunity to see him at work.

Devel-Isa-Explainer (0.002001) *****

An excellent debugging and exploration tool. My first run on one of my modules showed me things I didn't expect, and that I'll probably fix soon. I look forward to using it more.

Math-Gradient (0.04) *****

I wanted to experiment with color gradient: a quick look at the manual page and my first test script gave the expected beautiful result. Just does what it says on the tin. Five stars well earned.

Acme-MetaSyntactic (1.012)

I'm the author, and in response to Robert Rothenberg's review, in May 2012 I split Acme::MetaSyntactic in two: the main module is now shipped with as little themes as possible and all the "classic" themes are part of the Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes distribution.

Acme-MetaSyntactic-nethack (v1.0.0) *****

Awesome on many counts: the size of the list, the fact that it's the first Acme::MetaSyntactic theme published outside of the mainline, the documentation.

Great work! That would almost make me start to work again on this huge timewaster! :-)

DBIx-Std (v0.0.1) *

This is an empty module. I guess the author is afraid someone might "steal" this shiny namespace from him.

What is the most probable? That someone is going to steal this namespace? Or that he'll abandon this pet project in the next few weeks and never release the module anyway?

Regexp-Assemble (0.23) *****

This is the single most useful Regexp module that I know.
No longer will I compute my regexps with code like $re = qr/@{[join '|', reverse sort @items]}/ !

Perl 6 should definitely provide a way to assemble regular expressions in such an optimised way.

Devel-SimpleTrace (0.06) *****

This is the professional version of Acme::JavaTrace.
A simple and powerful tool that every Perl programmer should have in their toolbox.

Acme-JavaTrace (0.03) *****

A fun joke and a wonderful^Wprofessional debugging tool.

Simply type perl -MAcme::JavaTrace to find out where it's been going while you weren't looking.

Module-Starter (1.22) ****

Very helpful module, with an helpful and quick to answer maintainer.
I need to discover it more.