Reviews by bloonix


Protocol-WebSocket (0.16) *****

The documentation is poor, but the author is very responsive via mail.

Thank you for the framework, so it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

HTTP-Tiny (0.034) *****

I replaced LWP::UserAgent with HTTP::Tiny! Why? The timeout implementation of LWP::UserAgent is evil. It's not possible to set a global timeout and eval + alarm does not work on Win32 systems.

HTTP::Tiny uses non-blocking and the timeout implementation works very well.

Yes, I know, HTTP::Tiny has no implementation for compression... but everyone should be able to write the 5 lines of code for IO::Uncompress::Gunzip. Maybe David implements compression in the future, but it's not important.

Thank you for this great module!

Net-OpenSSH (0.52) *****

Thanks for this great work! I tried a lot of SSH modules before Net::OpenSSH was born, but no one of the other modules was good enough for my requirements. The interface of Net::OpenSSH is great, the documentation is great and it's easy to use.

MIME-tools (5.428) *****

MIME-Tools is a really great framework!

It's hard to understand it at the first look because the documentation
is too poor and it's necessary to read some code. But later you will
be pleased to spend your time on it.

I wrote my own ticket system and with MIME::Parser it was easy to
parse and store emails into a database.

Great job! My one wish: a bit more documentation :-)

GDGraph (1.44) *****

I'm using GD::Graph since 6 years. Over the years I tried other graph moduls but ever falling back to GD::Graph. Until today it's still the best one to create graphs - IMHO.

For this great work it's worth to give another 5 stars!

YAML-Syck (1.05) *****

YAML::Syck is a great work! I used it for a lot of my projects and I never regret.

5 stars is not to much because it's easy to use, it's very fast and it just works.

Catalyst-Runtime (5.7011) *****

Catalyst is great and I like to give some reasons for my statement.

I'm not coming from the world of web development and starts just some
month before to develop my first big web application. A lot of people
tolds me that I should use Catalyst, but because I read a lot of
another statements about Catalyst ... a poor documentation and that
it's hard to understand, I hadn't the heart to give Catalyst a chance.

Today, after the long way to read Catalyst's documentation and to
needle some people on IRC with a lot of questions... I can say that
all time I spend on it is not a lost time.

IO-Socket-SSL (1.07) *****

IO::Socket::SSL is a great module. I use it a long time and I'm very satisfied with it, because it's really easy to use. So I think that a rate of 5 is alright.

Config-Properties (0.65) *****

I searched a long time for a Config* module to load and safe my configuration and Config::Properties does it's job very well. I like it!