Reviews by Rick Measham


XML-Simple (2.18) *****

I have to disagree with Shlomi's downrating below.

This module does what it's designed to do and does it well.

Sure, it's not the Swiss-army-knife of XML parsing and formatting, but for any XML that *can* be represented as a perl data structure, this works.

The documentation describes how to force it to return arrays when normally it wouldn't.

As for saying that XML was *designed* to allow markup inside text, then no: that would be where you'd use a CDATA node, not a text node.

Module-Build (0.2805) *

Worse than horrible trying to install this on a virgin machine. Install a really old version first (0.26 iirc). But make sure that your env isn't too long or you won't be able to upgrade to this version. Go figure.

Time-Local-Extended (0.44) *

There are much better ways of doing this. This module really concerns me - basically if a date looks like it might be past 2038, the module subtracts 60 years and then passes the new value to Time::Local.

It then has to fudge around with the return value -- removing those 60 years and accounting for leap years.

One thing this module does not account for it what happens after 2098? Will we then need Time::Local::Extended::Extended? This module feels like a hack on an already crappy perl-internal date/time handling system.

(Disclaimer: I'm a contributor to the DateTime project @