Reviews by Krassimir Berov


SQL-Abstract (1.72) ***

It is good, very good.
What I would like is to see it in its own (dependencies free) package.
SQL::Abstract::Tree (which I do not use) brings a lot of unneeded stuff.
It will be great if one can install SQL::Abstract via cpan alone without SQL::Abstract::Tree.
Now it is possible to do so by just copying the to your local lib directory, but this is not the "official approach".

Mojolicious (2.42) *****

I am building a Content Management Framework on top of it and update Mojolicious frequently. My code never broke after update - really :).
It is reliable even being actively developed.
Using it seems natural for me.

M (1) *****

This module is the natural evolution of all the "Object System"
madness happening these days in the Perl Community!
Congratulations! Well done!

Template-Alloy (1.013) *****

Really good. I use it extensively. For now only the TT syntax, but it opened my system for other syntaxes too.
I like it

YAML-Manual (0.10)

This is something really needed. Thanks.
I use extensively YAML (the module and the file-format). At least I think so :).
I hope this set of documents will show me how far from efective usage is mine.
I also hope, when this well structured beginning is filled with content, to have the time to translate it in Bulgarian.
Thanks again.

Net-Amazon-AWIS (0.34)

I was not able to try it yet since the Amason service happened to be payed. Please update your documentation.
I will write again if I succeed ;)
I think also that it will be better if you reduce the half of CPAN dependencies

WWW-Alexa-TrafficRank (1.0)

It simply does not work.
regular expressions here are not enough :).
Alexa obfuscates the output by using spans with style display none.
Has someone written some clever hack?

JSON (1.99_05) *****

Congratulation that you agreed with JSON::XS.
I just rewritten part of one of my apps to use JSON::XS instead of JSON.
Now I will just say use JSON; and it should work ?!
Hope more people on CPAN agree on something :).
Five (5) is for that you agreed. Otherwise any software can get better :).

Oryx (0.23) ***

Althouh it seems promising,
I will definitely need some examples to use it :(
Is it planned?
I dream for a tutorial!