Reviews by Tim Berke


Mail-SendEasy (1.2) *****

Works great right out of the box !

CGI-Builder-Session (1.25) *****

After attempting to use CGI::Application to build a web based application, I started to see really poor code emerging when attempting to include Session usage.

I decided to try CGI::Builder and found that with a very little trial and error a nice neat state machine of a program emerged which did exactly what I wanted and stayed very flexible.

My code has been in production use for over a month now (company wide) and I have had to spend a total
of ten minutes adding a new feature.

I have really started to enjoy using CGI::Builder with sessions and find it quite easy to access any pragmas or functions from any module included in my code.

I find that my code is highly reusable & maintainable (that means no maintenance required to me).

Well worth the time to learn !