Reviews by Benoit Galy


Test-WWW-Mechanize (1.30) *****


$mech->html_lint_ok is not very convenient to use with UTF8 : I got mostly
(421:13) Invalid character \xE9 should be written as é

I would recommend either removing this by default in the module code constructor:

# XXX Combine with the cut'n'paste version in get_ok()

my $lint = HTML::Lint->new;

$lint->parse( $self->content );

my $lint = HTML::Lint->new( only_types => HTML::Lint::Error::STRUCTURE );

Or either to allow the parameters to be set in $mech->html_lint_ok( \
%params, [$desc] ) and forwarded in HTML::Lint constructor.

Another annoying stuff : not working with Mechanize::GZip...

Mail-CheckUser (1.21) *

I have been blacklisted because I used this module to check my customer emails (800 emails)

Catalyst-View-TT (0.26) *

Does not support I18N as META instructions are defined at compile time (and can therefore not used I18N lexicons that are defined at runtime).

Catalyst-Plugin-I18N (0.07) ****


Would be great to include a link to that gives a lot of info on Unicode in Catalyst.

Moreover, a few words on how to handle I18N for YAML files would have been great too. Found that is interesting too.

Business-Tax-VAT-Validation (0.15) *


Module is great, but this version in not correct:

You included spaces in your patterns :
Old version :GB => '([0-9]{9}|[0-9]{12}|GD[0-9]{3}|HA[0-9]{3})',

is now
GB => '([0-9]{3} [0-9]{4} [0-9]{2}( [0-9]{3})?|GD[0-9]{3}|HA[0-9]{3})'

This break existing code as previous versions implied to remove white spaces. And now you make them mandatory (and users do not respect spaces patterns when entering there vat number). It should either be reverted back, or at list make the 'spaces' check optionnal.

This appart, thanks for this great module.