Reviews by Thomas R. Helsel



Array-Diff (0.07) *****

In response to Adina Adler - This module deals with an ordered list of things, so it's doing what it should (and does it quite well, I've previously used it). If you want to compare unordered things, I think you really want a module which deals with sets. I've used Set::Scalar to handled unordered things, with great success, maybe that'll get you what you need? If not Set::Scalar, then perhaps something else in the Set:: namespace?

Weather-Google (0.05) *****

Easy to use, doc is a breeze. I was up and running in minutes. Thanks!

DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader (0.04006) ****

For the most part, it does what I'd expect. Makes it a *whole* lot easier to use DBIx::Class successfully.

Moose (0.57) *****

I'm a hobbyist who only programs sporadically, but Moose makes OO programming a whole lot of fun. The documentation and examples have improved a lot since I first started playing around (back in the 0.2something-or-other days), which have helped considerably. Plus the developers are very responsive to questions, which is much appreciated when I start falling down a rabbit hole. If I could give Moose a higher rating, I certainly would. OO Perl would be a much sadder place without Moose.

Tkx (1.05) *****

I'm really enjoying using this module, much moreso than the older Tk set of modules. The only snag I had was my Mac (running OS X 10.5) had an older verion of Tcl/Tk (8.4), which caused some things to not work well. Once I upgraded (I used ActiveState's 8.5.4 distribution), I've not had any problems. Between the documentation with this distribution and the referenced Tk documention at, I feel pretty confident.