Reviews by Audrey Tang


Convert-EastAsianWidth (1.01)

As of version 1.00, this module no longer depends on Unicode::EastAsianWidth and replaced the internal algorithm to a simple "tr" based substitution:

$input =~ tr/\x{3000}\x{FF01}-\x{FF5E}/ -~/; # to_halfwidth

$input =~ tr/ -~/\x{3000}\x{FF01}-\x{FF5E}/; # to_fullwidth

Many thanks to BKB for suggesting this improvement, and for noting the caveat of unsupported full/half width katakana, which is now duly documented in the module documentation. :-)

Coro (5.17) *****

Wow, I can't believe no-one had reviewed this module.

In short, this is what Perl Threads should work like. After the fragile-but-fast Perl 5.5 threading thesis, and the slow-but-reliable Perl 5.6 ithreading antithesis, this is the perfect synthesis that gives you a fast and reliable threading model. Highly recommended.

PPI (1.118) *****

Excellent concept, superbly executed and maintained.

Recently I had to add the /m flag to all regexes in a program (ghc-asm) because Perl 5.9.x removed support for the $* variable; PPI solved this problem in 5 lines. Without PPI, it would take much more work, and the result would be much more fragile.

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *****

Sheer silliness. :-)

ack (1.24) *****

If you have ever used "grep -r", switch to ack now. Guaranteed instant gratification and countless hours of time saved!

Perl-Dist-Vanilla (5) *****

Does what it says, and does it well; makes custom distribution on Win32 almost entirely painless, and is currently the only Win32 distribution that can build the chain from the source up with only gratis tools. Excellent work!

Module-Signature (0.53)

This is just a short note that 0.54 has been released, which should solve the CR/LF problems Robert raised, as well as make the 0-signature.t template opt-in from the user by setting TEST_SIGNATURE environment variable.

PAR (0.90)

As the author of PAR, I can't really give unbiased opinions; but I'd like to think that while ease-of-use still may need a bit of work, it has been been very useful for myself. Thanks to all the contributors for making it happen!

Devel-ebug (0.42)

Whether you have used "perl -d" or not, do consider upgrading to this much more solid, robust, friendly debugger for Perl. The amazing ebug_http mode needs to be seen to be believed.

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04)

It saved my life, too, when DBD::mysql inexplicably barfed on me.
(google for "server version = 0 client version = 10" for the bug --
if anyone knows how to solve that, please mail me. :-))

ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.57)

Disclaimer: I'm the author of this module.

I'd like to thank Sam for pointing out my error in documentation;
version 0.58 has just been released, and the POD has been cleaned
up quite a bit. And Sam has joined the AUTHORS file for his
excellent advices. :-)

XML-Twig (3.10)

The best XML processing utility, bar none. This is the module that finally convinced me that XML has a place inside my perl toolbox, complementing BerkeleyDB, YAML and DBI.

The POD can be very unwieldy, and is not likely to make any sense, until you read the tutorial in first. :-)

Path-Class (0.03)

The documentation is simple and to the point, and the interface is much nicer than File::Spec's. I look forward to use it in my future projects.