Reviews by Andy Armstrong


File-Rsync-Mirror-Recent (0.0.7) *****

I'm running a script based on F:R:M:R on The mirror now gets a new dist before I get the mail from PAUSE telling me it's been indexed - i.e. within < 60 seconds of me uploading.

Excellent stuff. Thanks Andreas.

Devel-Leak-Object (0.92) *****

Superb. Does exactly what it's supposed to do with minimum fuss and maximum efficacy.

The only downside is that I now have no excuse for ignoring all my leaks.

Thanks Adam.

HTML-Tiny (0.901)

Thanks Adam. I screwed up.

I've just released 0.9 which removes all non-core dependencies and builds and tests cleanly against a number of Perls back as far as 5.0.4.

Accessor bloat gone now too.

Test.php (0.05) ****

It's great to see TAP support spreading to languages other than Perl. I've just switched to using it on a PHP project which is tested using TAP::Parser and it was a drop in replacement for my crufty implementation.

I have no real criticisms but some suggestions for future development:

* as noted in the source it'd be nice to have a recursive implementation of is_deeply that reported the location of the first difference

* implementing it on top of a layer equivalent to Perl's Test::Builder would make it easier for people to write additional assertion types.

Math-XOR (0.02) *

How does this differ from a normal Perl string XOR?

PDF-API2 (0.57) **

Looks really useful but the documentation is incomplete and the test coverage negligible. Even if it's a fantastic bit of code I don't feel at all confident about using it.

That's a shame because it clearly represents a lot of work and is potentially very useful.