Reviews by Andrew Moore


local-lib (1.002000) ****

local::lib makes having your own stash of perl modules in your home directory so much easier. I can now easily use CPAN to install stuff into my home directory on a machine to which I don't have root access. I've been using perl for eons, and this common desire has long been a difficult thing to do. Now, I believe that all the documentation that answers the question "How can install perl modules from CPAN on a machine without root access?" should be changed to reference local::lib.

Pod-ProjectDocs (0.36) *****

This is my favorite of all of the POD parsers for making web pages out of POD. The resulting pages are very readable and pleasing to the eye; in fact, they look very much like the CPAN versions.

This module is easy to use to make a directory full of HTML that you can point your webserver at.

I would like to see two improvements. The syntax highlighting provided by Syntax::Highlight::Universal is often broken because Syntax::Highlight::Universal is so hard to install on some platforms. Second, the interlinking of pod is better in pod2html. It makes links from C<> blocks around things like options and sections to those sections.

Test-Class (0.24) *****

Test::Class made my collection of tests so much easier to understand, use, and extend. I can add tests for a new method now in a few minutes where they used to take me hours.