Reviews by Jean Véronis


Amazon-SNS (1.0) **

The current version is buggy and not usable for any serious project. It uses GET instead of POST to talk to the Amazon API. As a result:

1) Any message with a special char such as '&' will fail (special chars are not escaped)

2) Any long message will fail due to the limitations in URL lengths.

I am not sure that the module is maintained (a bug has been open for two years with no apparent reaction).

Bloom-Faster (1.7) *****

I think that the previous (and unique) review is misleading. I use this module and never noticed anything wrong. I find it very useful and perfectly functional.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.47)

The comments below are rather negative, but they apply to 0.45. Since a new maintainer is in charge, and we are at 0.47, I wonder what the situation is now. Have the major bugs been fixed? Some feedback from other or the author would be great before we start installing and using. Thanks!

Getopt-Long (2.39) *****

Excellent module, although I use it through Getopt::Long::Descriptive, which makes a very useful complement for building applications.