Reviews by Alex Ayars


App-cpanminus (1.0004) *****

I can only echo one more five star rating, and the earlier reviewer's recommendation to take more drugs.

If the verbosity of CPAN has ever "annoyed" you, use it one last time to install this module. No, really.

Thank you for the contribution!

YAML-Syck (1.10) ****

I have tested many YAML and JSON packages, and in my view, this one lets you work with both with the least amount of fuss.

[Edit: Have another star for all the recent work by the new maintainer. Really awesome to see]

Media-Type-Simple (0.02) ***

At the time of this review, this module doesn't work in forked environments due to its use of an internally cached filehandle. The bug for the issue is nine months old now :-/

Otherwise, I would use this module over File::Type, particularly if you need to get a MIME type for a text file (File::Type tends to call them all application/octet-stream, whereas this module gets it right).

HTTP-Server-Simple (0.41) ****

Serving up HTTP from a standalone Perl instance doesn't get much simpler than this easy-to-extend class.

Rcs (1.05) *****

This module delivers.

I have used it intensely for several years without any problems.

OP (0.300)

I've made several changes based on reviewer feedback, including the removal of source filters.