Reviews by Yasutaka ATARASHI


Test-Kwalitee-Extra (v0.2.0)

I'm the author of this module and this is a comment to the review by Zoffix Znet.

I'm not sure the actual cause of the freezes. Anyway, the check of "prereq_matches_use" (and experimental "build_prereq_matches_use") indicators by this module requires several HTTP accesses to Though the check of "prereq_matches_use" may be the most significant difference from Test::Kwalitee, if you want to avoid network access by the indicator, you can specify it in dist.ini like

arg = !prereq_matches_use

or reduce retry count by

arg = :retry 1

I added such caution and workaroud into v0.2.1 documentation in both of Test::Kwalitee::Extra and Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Kwalitee::Extra.