Reviews by H.Merijn Brand


Pod-Pdf (1.2) *

1. Docs refer to a script that is not installed by default nor has an installation option
2. #! line of pod2pdf is invalid

But worst of all: default fonts are Times and Courier, both are unacceptable ugly, and the module offers no way to choose beautiful fonts (probably because the font metrics are hard-coded in the module).

Hence unusable.

Proc-ProcessTable (0.45) *

0.44 is fine, but please please please please take 0.45 OFF CPAN!
It requires threads, and none of my perls has threads, but cpan still installs, as the tests don't fail, but the module doesn't work anymore.

Tk (804.029) *****

As an old-time perl/Tk user, I'm really happy to see it is actively maintained, even for the more obtrusive OS's like Irix, AIX, and HP-UX.

Much easier to learn and use than e.g. Wx, and almost everything can be done. A lot of extra modules available on CPAN, from which you can learn how to do more difficult stuff.

For me ease-of-use and ease-of-maintainability is much more important that a missing `native' look, what Wx pretends to offer. So far I have been able to build simple, fast and functional GUI's with perl/Tk.

common-sense (0.04) *

Just one more reason to drop JSON::XS from my distribution list

Git-FastExport (0.04) *****

If you want to control the past, especially if you come from older VCS's like SCCS or CVS and moved to GIT, this module is your friend. A better name might have been Git::Stitch, but then again, what's in a name.
Branches are complex, and merging old (misplaced) branches from old repositories into one new comprehensive repository is quite difficult, even if you know the commands of the VCS at hand.
This module makes hard things relatively easy, but be sure that you envision your target before you go stitching/merging/joining.
Do not miss the script/ folder that is in this distribution. For me that is way more valuable then the module itself. Thanks BooK!

V (0.13) *****

Who can live without # perl -MV=Tk ?

Text-CSV-Simple (1.00) *

A *Simple* module should not require modules beyond simplicity:

Warning: prerequisite Class::Trigger 0 not found.
Warning: prerequisite File::Slurp 0 not found.

Classes only complicate things.

Archive-Zip (1.18) *

1.17_03 Sat 16 Sep 2006 - Adam Kennedy

- Adding dependency on File::Which to deal with problems on systems

that lack zip and unzip programs. This really should be a build-time

dependency only, but ExtUtils::MakeMaker lacks that capability.

This makes the module completely uninstallable/useable on systems where File::Which is not installed, and doesn't need to be installed as those problems do not exist!

Or make it *optional*, so that systems that would profit from it's availability can use it when available.

As I have no intention to install File::Which, for which I see no reason whatsoever, I'm going to stick with 1.16

Sys-Filesystem (1.22) **

1. There are no example files.
It would be very useful to have an example/ subdirectory with files that use Sys::Filesystem to mimic 'mount' and 'df'

2. There is no support (yet) for HP-UX
Yes, it's on the TODO list, but as this is my major working environment, it is missing.

3. The documentation is wrong on more than one level
# Method 3 (nice but naughty)
my @filesystems = Sys::Filesystem->filesystems ();

Can't use string ("Sys::Filesystem") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.7/Sys/ line 118.

and the obvious change to
my @filesystems = Sys::Filesystem::filesystems ();

Odd number of elements passed when even number was expected at line 8

This module has potential value, but is not really useful in this version.