Reviews by Tom Molesworth


DOM-Tiny (0.003) *****

Handy. Dunno if this fits the rules for ::Tiny modules, but I never cared too much for that - it's nicely self-contained and works well enough, so it's a great little module when you just need to do a bit of XML/HTML parsing. Thanks both to sri and the Mojolicious team for writing the original code, and DBOOK/mst for making it more accessible.

IO-Async (0.30) *****

A simpler alternative to large-scale frameworks such as POE - well worth a look as an event-driven system with support for the usual sockets + handles. Fits together nicely with IPC::PerlSSH::Async and Async::MergePoint for running tasks across multiple servers, and the API although minimal in places is a real pleasure to use when implementing protocols on top of the basic socket framework. The growing list of Net::Async modules covers some of the common networking protocols, and although POE is the de-facto standard for larger scale event-driven systems at the moment I found it a lot easier to get started with IO::Async, particularly for smaller well-defined daemons and code. Being able to support SSL almost transparently with IO::Async::SSL is particularly useful for protocols supporting STARTTLS or initial-SSL connections.