Reviews by Serdar T.


Encoding-BER (1.00) *****

Useful module for creating ber encoded streams offline. decoding an encoded stream into hash is also possible. It worked well for my requirements. Conversion methods is traced into X.690 and associated standards, thanks for the module.

DBIx-Simple (1.35) *****

No need to use any other schema based ORM works in my opinion. It really provides very nice and logical interface between DB tables and Perl, it is easy to use and since it is using SQL, it is very flexible. I prefer to stick SQL instead of schema based ORMs.

Regexp-Grammars (1.020) *****

I gave 5 stars since I really liked the idea under this module. Additionally, "Damian Conway" name is enough for me to check this module but, honestly speaking, it takes time to learn. I think learning Perl 5.10 regex extensions priorly makes use of this module clearer for you. It also shows you how this module facilitates the complicated syntax of 5.10 regexes.

Documentation may include more complete grammar examples to immediately check them during learning.

It also prepares you for Perl6 who wants to learn Perl6 style grammar definition which is another advantage for me, because, at last, hopefully, somehow, ..., :) Perl6 will replace Perl5.