Reviews by Peter (Stig) Edwards


File-SortedSeek (0.014) *****

I just wanted to say the author is very responsive.

If you have large sorted* files you have to search and/or slow disk then this module might be the one you have been looking for.

*the file data doesn't have to be sortable, an example of a sorted file is web server log where maybe the 4th column contains the date time value [24/May/2008:12:43:34 -0400], as long as the data can be munged into a value that is sortable (for example epoch time) you can use this.

XML-Bare (0.27)

Thanks very much for XML::Bare 0.27. When I first saw this module I thought:

"another XML:: module, why?"
Then I read the docs (5*) and was interested to see just how fast it is. It does not disappoint, it is "extremely fast". I had to race it against a few other XML modules (RT#30915) and also check it was actually doing what it said it was (it is).

The docs have a section on "Parsing Limitations / Features" make sure you read it.

I'm not sure when/if I'll use this but it's nice to know it's
available. I've held off on rating anything but the docs as I've not run it on anything other than the tests it comes with. If I end up using it I'll try and remember to come back to rate the other areas. If there was a 'speed' rating it would get 5*.
I'd be more inclined to use it if it had more tests, in particular some tests on boundary cases and invalid XML - just so the current behaviour is tested - and if it changes in the future - noticed/documented.

The kwalitee page shows the Kwalitee going up:

All in all, it's a very impressive contribution to CPAN and I look forward to future releases.

Test-Reporter (1.38) *****

Author (Adam J. Foxson) is very responsive.

Email-Send (2.189) *****

Current maintainer Ricardo SIGNES responds to bug reports
(and resolves them with fixed releases) extremely quickly.
Thank you.

Text-Iconv (1.5) *****

Works under win & unix & VMS.
Author is very responsive to bug reports/patches.