Reviews by Ryan Matthew


Spreadsheet-ParseXLSX (0.27) ***

Currently the best game in town it appears for parsing xlsx files using perl. However it's slow and a huge memory pig when the file size starts getting big. Also, the API is quite complex I think compared to the python "openpyxl" module. Maybe someone can write an "openplxl" version of that module someday...

Moo (2.003004)

I first started learning OO programming in perl around a year ago. I read up on the Moo vs Moose issue and decided Moo was the way to go. My first attempt resulted in a very cryptic error message coming from Moo which was impossible to decipher. So I changed to "use Moose" instead, and got a nice human readable error message telling me what I did wrong. So my recommendation is to get your code up and running with Moose first, and then switch to Moo if desired.