Reviews by Perlover


Expect (1.29) *

New maintainer and of Expect i got problems :(
What happens?
Why new maintainer, why so many changes in 2014?

App-ClusterSSH (4.02_02) *****

It's nice application for sysadmins!

Signal-Mask (0.006) *****

A localizing of blocking/unblocking through hash is super idea :)
I can block / unblock signal and can do nested blocks as i think (but about this no documentation - about nested blocks)
The 'local' keyword is simple tool for saving / restoring bit mask of signals.

This module will be useful everybody who makes daemon programs. System calls can be easy interrupted by harmless signals - for example flock, sysread and syswrite, DB connections (DBI functions can lose connect to DB during transaction after TERM signal but you might want to catch it yourself) can be interrupted by SIGCHLD signal if you do wait() yourself. And there many other examples. This module will help to wrap these code blocks by this module.

Thanks for this module! :)

Web-Scraper (0.35) *****

Very useful tool for HTML parsing! Easy language for parsing, CSS & xpath selections are power tools for easy parsing!
I am recommend to you this package! :-)

Dancer (1.3072) *****

Super PSGI application but if you want to run multi-sites under one Dancer application - you will have config problems.
And to need more documentation about: settings inside (global config, only application configs), one and multi-site applications through Plack::Builder.
The route language is super, the idea is super :)

Dancer-Plugin-Cache-CHI (1.2.0) *****

Very useful module if you have high loading site under Dancer!