Reviews by Djibril (DJIBEL)


ODF-lpOD (1.115) *****


Great module to create an ODF file without OpenOffice installed on our computer.

Good Job !


Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.05) *****

Good job John,

I am very happy to see this module which allow now to create an xlsx file using perl as Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

You have to Registered it in CPAN.

Thank you for your job and good luck to finish Compatibility with Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.


Statistics-R (0.07) *****


Thank you for the update of this module. I am used it every time I need
to use R in perl since several years.
The module code is now very simple and easily to maintained, good job.

Best Regards,


Tk-TableMatrix (1.23) *****

Dear John,

Very very good module to display or edit data. This module is very faster than Tk::Table, Tk::MListbox or others and the configuration is complete.

Why you have not create a manifest file in the package module ? It is very difficult to read yours scripts demo because the only way is to download the module to see the demo repository.

It will be a good idea to add methods to :
- save table in a file by giving a separator or in csv format
- to allow to sort data by clicking in columns title.

Nevertheless, good job John :-) !!

Best regards,


Tk-ForDummies-Graph (1.10)

Tk-ForDummies-Graph give you an easy way to create a graph (bars, lines, boxplots, ...) in canvas widget.

Don't forget to submit any bug, any ratings or comments.

Thank you

Tk-Preferences (0.2) *****

Great module,
It is very simple to use it and configure all widgets simply with few codes.

Good job

Djibril Ousmanou

Tk (804.028) *****

Good module and it is easy to create robuste GUI. It is also possible to compile an application wroten in Perl Tk.

When we will have an update of Tk module ?

Thank you

Config-Std (v0.0.4) *****

Very Good module. Good job :-)

Tk-MListbox (1.11) ****

Thank you for this module. Good job.
I just want to add an idea about documentation. You should add some example codes to help new users of your module.