Reviews by Carl Oakleaf


Gzip-Faster (0.08) *****


Gzip::Faster is so much easier than most compression APIs, and 'just works' (tm). What's best is that this API does the thing that most people probably want, but is actually very tedious to figure out: Create and read gzip-compatible data. ...and it's fast.

We deal with "big data", and we have had to make lot's of our on proprietary file formats so compression is essential to what we do. I've been using almost every existing interface for creating and reading compressed data over the past 16 years.

This one, and the LWP library's (decode) are probably the two most simple and slick interfaces I've seen.

We'll still have to use lower-level APIs for a lot of things that we do, but I'm glad to have and use this.

Text-ScriptTemplate (0.08) *****

It's amazing how hard it is to find a simple template system. This is what I've been wanting to see for Perl since 1995. Thanks Taisuke!

Module-Crypt (0.06) ****

This is the best design and implementation of Perl-code obfuscation I've seen. ...really the only one that I consider worth using. I was actually just about to build something very similar and stumbled upon this while looking for encryption packages. (This should come up on cpan searches for obfuscation, not encryption)

Straight code compilation-based solutions seem to work only for very simple isolated .pl scripts. Our IP is in packages, which is the target of Module-Crypt. We also have a framework in place for managing (build, distribute) our XS code so this fit right in. Thanks Alessandro!