Reviews by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni


Log-Syslog-Abstract (1.100)

Just FYI, Sys::Syslog has integrated the native mechanism of Unix::Syslog since version 0.15 (released on 2006.06.10), and is therefore available in Perl 5.10.

Sys::Syslog also natively works on Win32 operating systems, and works on Perls down to version 5.005.

ack (1.66) *****

Using this tool since some times now, and it has really eased my life. Really a must-have for any developper.

HTTP-Server-Brick (0.1.0) ****

Very nice module for setting up a small web server. It lacks a few things like CGI queries and path info handling, but overall it's very useful.