Reviews by Marty Tennison


Mojolicious (1.33) *****

I found Mojolicious while searching for alternative to Catalyst (I have nothing against Catalyst, it was just too big for my needs). After spending a few days reading the (excellent) documentation, I was able to create full featured web applications in a fraction of the time that it took me in my old framework. I'll never look back.

What is really amazing is that you do not have to trade flexibility for ease of use. Mojolicious "one-liners" are amazing all by themselves. Also, Mojolicious has a "lite" mode that allows you to create entire web applications in a single file, very cool and great for prototyping.

I think Mojolicious represents the future of web development on Perl. The author (Sebastian Riedel) has a lot of experience in developing frameworks and the robustness of the Mojolicious architecture speaks for itself. Mojolicious is what you get when you have a single, highly qualified individual creating from scratch, with no restrictions.

Mojolicous is a fresh new world in the Perl universe, and it is a lot of fun to play in.