Reviews by Michele Beltrame


CGI-Application-Dispatch (2.12) *****

This is a must for CGI::Application, as dispatching with ?rm=runmode is unhandy, inelegant, and not search-engine friendly. This module provides a great dispatching solution.

Business-Tax-VAT-Validation (0.19) *****

Great to check if an European VAT ID is valid. I use local checks mainly, though.

String-CodiceFiscale (0.01) *****

I find this module very handy to check if users provide me valid Italian "codici fiscali".

SQL-Abstract (1.21) ****

This module is very interesting, as it allows to keep your code "perlish" without inlining ugly SQL code.

It's nearly perfect, as subselects are not supported yet, but it is enough for most tasks. The where method can be used to create just the search statements, which will allow you to make queries with joins.

The DBIx::Class ORM relies on it and - in my opinion - SQL::Abstract gives the best when used inside DBIx::Class. It's - however - very useful anyhow.

DBIx-Class (0.06001) ****

This is the best ORM I've ever used. Class::DBI was way too limited and I always ended up with a bunh of set_sql() and similia.

Catalyst-Runtime (5.66) *****

Catalyst is the new frontier of web development: it's easy, productive, elegant and fun.

It really pays to spend some time learning the philosophy of Catalyst and MVC, and the use of the wonderful (somehow) Catalyst-related modules such as DBIx::Class and HTML::Widget. Your way to develop web applications will be shaken from the roots, and you'll be able to focus on what you really need to do, not on always-the-same tasks and bloated-code-fight.

It 2 simple words: try Catalyst.

Imager (0.49) *****

Imager is excellent. Even though maybe ImageMagick is a bit more complete, Imager installs easily everywhere (which can't really be said for ImageMagick) and it's quite easy to use.

Only one thing: the documentation could be abit more in-depth, but it's OK anyway.