Reviews by Kit Bard


Form-Sensible (0.20012)

Looks to be a dead project, I never tried it but am passing on it as the bug reports are left unanswered for almost 1 year now (it's Jan. 2012)

Catalyst-Runtime (5.90007)

Installation was a nightmare. And if you do get it all installed there's no simple way to remove it all. When the install is broken it really makes one wonder about the software. First impressions need to be good.

HTML-FormsDj (0.03)

One comprehensive, working example can do more than 10,000 words can do.

Mail-IMAPClient (3.16) **

Severe performance problems with large number of messages. Looks like it's re-reading the mailbox too often. To reproduce try a mailbox with 700 messages. It may also be a problem with new messages arriving while doing a mailbox listing which causes it to refresh the mailbox. I'm not real familiar with IMAP.