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DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader (0.07045) *****

According to me, the only sane way to use DBIx::Class. Write a _correct_ SQL schema and generate your comprehensive DBIx::Class. Boom.

Spend your brain power writing a good DB, and let D:C::Schema::Loader do the dumb and systematic thing for you.

Spiffy (0.32) *

The combination of auto-exports, black magic and clearly named functions like ZZZ , YYY and so on makes this the perfect package to encourage writing 90s style unintentionally obfuscated code.

So unless you fancy a trip down the memory lane, do not use this.

Also, try to avoid anything that uses it (yes, that includes Test::Base and YAML) as the first time you will probably hear from this module will be when it breaks your build.

MooseX-Clone (0.05) ****

Does the job as documented. This is a good solution to implement cloning quickly. However be careful if you do a lot of cloning for I found this plugin to be 50x slower than an ad-hoc cloning implementation.

In short. If you don't clone too often, use this. If you do a lot of cloning, invest into writing your own ad-hoc one.

Template-Toolkit (2.24) ***

Template toolkit is the MySQL of Templating Systems. It does the job as long as you don't want too much sophistication.

It's good for non-developers to maintain simple things, like message templates for instance. And it's very easy to have it to fetch templates from different sources (like your DB).

Except that, the syntax and the behaviour is not consistent with what we're used to in Perl, making it a poor choice for us Perl developers. Unless you feel confortable with switching to a much less powerfull and much more confusing language when comes the time to write your View components.

LWP-UserAgent-Mockable (1.10) *****

If you're developing an Interface to a third party API using LWP, this is exactly the module you're looking for if you want to 'freeze' your test suite:

- Write tests as usual.

- Once happy, add this to them

- record

- default to replay mode.

One caveat through: If your test rely on Time, you might experience some issues. To fix that, make sure you don't use changing time in your tests. Specificaly, replace 'now' by whatever fixed time it was when you froze the tests.

CHI (0.49) *****

Great module that provide modern and pluggable caching. If you want to use a CHI in a Moose attribute, beware that CHI->new doesn't return a CHI, but a CHI::Driver.

URI-Amazon-APA (0.04) *****

Does what it says on the box with no fuss. Documentation could be a bit more detailed.

Graph-Easy (0.71) *****

Great module if you want to sensibly display unweighted directed graphs in a checkboard fashion and a very good variety of formats (includes ASCII art - yes!).

A clear link to the original documentation is probably missing though, so here it is:

List-PriorityQueue (0.01) ****

Promising module. Works well. Misses a few informational methods, but I guess the next version will have some.

Lucene (0.05) ****

Great module. The api is almost exactly the same as the java one.
I tested it in a persistent environment ( mod_perl ) without any major problems. I use it with a couple of Gigs index containing millions of documents and it delivers astonishing performance.

Module-Reload (1.07) *****

Nice usefull module.
Install, follow synopsis and that's all, it works !

Very usefull under apache/mod_perl at development time.