Reviews by Fiyu


Log-Fast (1.0.3) **

No one needs this peace of shit! Really! The comparison with other logging frameworks that doing a really good job is cheeky.

DBIx-Class (0.08003) *****

DBIx-Class is an excellent framework with a big community and I'm surprised with every piece of code that I migrate from another db-interface. In association with Catalyst and Template-Toolkit it makes a lot of fun to develop.

HTML-Template-Compiled (0.91) ****

I don't think that HTML::Template::Compiled is so good like some people think. It's fast, okay, but I think it's just a imitated Template-Toolkit. --- HTML::Template::Compiled is much better as I thought... Upgrade from 1 star to 4! The 5. star is reserved for stability and fewer changes in further releases.