Reviews by Boris Däppen


Mojolicious-Plugin-CHI (0.05) *****

We use the module in While integrating we had some module related issues which we came across. This where solved very quickly since the author was responsive and helpful.

"Dankeschön" to the author for the module and the support!

EBook-Generator (0.01)

This module should not be in ebook namespace because it seems to only output PDF. A PDF is not an ebook.
Most readers can display PDF, but this does not make PDF an ebook.
Also reading PDF on ebook-readers is crap: No line wrapping adjusted to your zoom-settings and screen-size.
The name EBook::Generator suggests that this module can create output like EPUB, MOBI or so - but it's not capable of doing so.

Why not call it PDF::FromWebsite or something similar?
(Or add at least EPUB-Output)

Also the documentation is poor. There are still unremoved comments from a tool used to create the docs...

Image-Imlib2 (2.03) *****

Image::Imlib2 is my new way of creating thumbnails. I found Image::Imlib2 thanks to this link, which I post because his good example for creating thumbnails:

Before, I used Image::Resize which gave me some headache once in a while, because GD refused to install. However Image::Imlib2 also depends on system libraries. On Ubuntu (and probably also Debian, I have not tested it) you need to install "libimlib2-dev". Since this seems not to be a problem in the future and the interface is great I can recommend the module - it is at least worth a try. (I'm not expert enough to give a full go anyways ;-) )

Crypt-Eksblowfish (0.009) *****

I'm glad that this module exists, since it is the base for Digest::Bcrypt which I use.

I am no expert in cryptology but I also need to rely on such technology. It would be good if there is an (easy understandable) hint in the documentation how I could compare my results with other implementations.

Now I hash my password with Digest::Bcrypt (which is just a wrapper for this module) and later in real live I check if the hashes match with exactly the same implementation. No wonder the hashes match... What would give me some sort of guarantee that the hashes are save is a possibility to check if they are equal to results of other existing tools, e.g. if there is a common linux-cmd-tool to do the same stuff... it would then be easy to compare results and validate them. But I don't know which tool would be appropriate. The common "bcrypt" seems not to be for pw-hashing. So a hint in the docs about this issue would help me, and I think others too.

Digest-Bcrypt (1.0.1) *****

The documentation is great. All you need to know is there. Specially that the links to "Digest" and "Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt" are mentioned helps a lot.

I implemented my needs in seconds thanks to this module.
It also helped me a lot in doing general research in the matter of password hashing since I needed to update my knowledge.

Digest (1.17) *****

I used this module with Digest::Bcrypt and thanks to the simple interface I implemented password-hashing very smootly in little time, even though I haven't done this since years. I benefit strongly from the general interface, since it is very simple to switch the hashing algo. This allowed me to automate choice of algo-type by putting the algo-type next to the stored pw-hashes. Like this the pw-handling will be very flexible in the future.

It would be good if

$bcrypt = Digest->new('Bcrypt');

would be added to the SYNOPSIS too.

EBook-MOBI (0.53)

Reply to the review of Justin Case:

You got some valid points.

This is why there is _now_ a plugin system since version 0.5.
However there is still just the plugin for POD. Plugin authors for other formats are higly welcome!
But if you read the docs, you will see, that you can also add text very simple in a HTML-style markup. So there was a basic method to create books very easily from the beginning of this modules live. (Which was not possible at alle at CPAN before this module)

To the aspect of reading the mobi format: Patches are highly welcome!
Since for me it makes just sense to _write_ a book with Perl and _read_ it with my eyes I had no need for this feature. Also that the format is closed source does not make it very easy to code access to the format.

Your rating of one star is not fair at all I think, even with your valid points. This is a single man project until now, and it is used with very good results (see If you consider the points which count for rating (Docs, Interface, Ease of Use) I think there should be much more than one star!

Considering the issue with the namespace: There is still "EBook::Mobipocket" available if somebody needs a name... And if there is a good module that ships everything along, I have no problem changing the name of this one.