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web (1.35) **

Somewhat of a hodge podge of a module. The docs are decent, which is something. The problem is that it's a module that just holds a collection of mostly unrelated routines.

Why is it called 'web'? No idea. It's not a pragma and it's a distinct minority of routines that have anything to do with the web.

The routines themselves are irritating in that they follow PHP style for their names: that is, there is no consistent use of underscores. They are also mostly of minimal importance. There's nothing in this module to make me say "hey, that's useful".

Internally it's somewhat of a mess as it looks like someone said "always use strict" and instead of declaring variables with my/our/"use vars", they've just gone nuts on $web::*. The test suite is somewhat minimal.

All in all, give it a miss.