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true (0.18) *****

Perfect to use with Syntax::Collector !

The modules i use in ALL my Perl files are in MYNAME::Bundle::Everywhere, a module that i implement with Syntax::Collector. true is one such module. No more need for '1;' at the end of a file.

The documentation could mention Syntax::Collector.

true (0.14) *****

Some other reviewers seem to miss this point directly from the documentation: "it is intended to be invoked from the import method of a Modern::Perl-style module that enables modern Perl features and conveniences and cleans up legacy Perl warts." In other words you're not trading "1;" for "use true;", but you're trading *all* your "1;"s for a single "true->import;".

I would love for "use 5.16" to turn on true for me! Perl has perfectly good ways of signaling errors, a module's return value is not among them.

true (0.16) *****

In order to stand by this module, or rather the admirable author, chocolateboy, I'd like to increase a score; that is, five stars.

If you ask me, I think "1;\n" present at the end of a module file is so ugly that I couldn't praise its use to the skies if there had been workarounds.
Now here is this module. Granted, the module installation might bother the users, but we should persuade them to install the module if need be. That's all there is to it. Moreover, what if the module should be included in the core?

Apart from incompetent authors, are you ready to put the kibosh on such an admirable author as chocolateboy?

true (0.13)

Ridiculous is the first thing that came to my mind!

To not write "1;" at the end of your modules, you have to use a whole new module that you have to install and push onto your users.

There are "explanations" in the documentation, all failed to convince me.

The simple construct:

use true ;

Goes on my nerves, It means zip.

I'm not rating to avoid a flame war but this is good for an overall 1 star or less.
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