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match-simple (0.009) *****

Small and easy to use, match::simple, match::smart and match::simple::XS are like a brand renewed simplified smart match operator.

It doesn't export match() unless you ask it to - which is a good thing.

Unclear how or if match::simple can help given/when ;-)

match-simple (0.006) *****

match::simple implements the sane and easy-to-remember semantics that Perl's smartmatch operator *should* have used in the first place.

The only blemish is the slightly obscure operator name and the fact that when matching against a list, an arrayref has to be used (instead of an array). But I guess neither of that can be helped without patching Perl itself (or using nasty source filters), so for a "smart match operator" CPAN module this is as good as it gets!