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cpan2rpm (2.028) **

I loved cpan2rpm. But, it appears that Fedora now ships with cpanspec-1.78-3.fc12.noarch and not cpan2rpm.

It took a bit getting used to but I find putting the spec file in my MANIFEST is easiest.

It's a chicken and egg kind of thing

$ make dist
$ cpanspec PACKAGE-0.01.tar.gz
$ echo "PACKAGE.spec" >> MANIFEST
$ make dist #overwrite
$ rpmbuild -ta PACKAGE-0.01.tar.gz

And again, it would be great if "make spec" were part ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

cpan2rpm (2.028) *****

Converts (most) CPAN modules to RPMs (mostly) without interferance from the user.

This script is so good, it ought to be built into MakeMaker so that I can make dist, make zip, make ppm, and then make rpm.

cpan2rpm (2.026) ****

This package is so useful for redhat systems i can't even begin to explain.

After i read what documentation there was, i ran into the utf problem..but now the only thing lacking is better information about the sinature setup that i get warned about everytime i build a new rpm.

overall...great work..