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XML-XPath (1.13) *****

very nice!

XML-XPath (1.13) *****

Xpath is meant to be simple, this should be simple?, well is so simple to even make simple things simple, straigthforward (foreach over find -> get_nodelist) to access a nodeset, for example, that is what you usually need to reach the "Heaven of XML" without purgatory DOM pains.

XML-XPath (1.13) *

This review applies to XML::XPath 1.13, released in January 2003.

The module has not been maintained in a long time (close to 5
years) and there are a number of open bug reports (some with patches
that have not been applied in 2 years).

XML::LibXML is most likely a better choice, if you can install libxml2.
It's basic interface is very, very similar to XML::XPath, but the module is faster, much more powerful and actively maintained.

XML-XPath (1.13) ***

This module has great utility though, sadly, the documentation is sorely lacking. That would be one great thing to do with the distribution as it is a very straightforward and useful module for XML parsing, it just drops the ball with documentation by referring one to the tests for all examples.

XML-XPath (1.13) ****

Very good! Except performance is very slow. Apparently the actual xml is stored as a string, and parsed every time you search for something.