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XML-Writer (0.606) ****

I really like this module with the exception of the Unsafe mode.

I am pre-escaping my characters and can't get the system to stop changing the & to &

XML-Writer (0.604) *****

Very nice module for writing out XML. My original review of the module noted some deficiencies in the documentation that seem to be deficiencies in my eyeballs. Namespaces and prefix mapping as well as everything else seems to be well-documented for this stable module, and have been for some time.

XML-Writer (0.520) ****

Great module that is easy to use. I use it all the time.

XML-Writer (0.510) ****

Makes XML output less painful, XML::Writer::String makes the IO::Handle requirement less painful.

XML-Writer (0.4.2) ****

excellent - an invaluable module!

XML-Writer (0.4.2) ***

As far as XML generation goes, XML::Writer is probably as easy, simple, and efficient as it gets. While this most recent version incorporates no new functionality, the prior version added several neat features: the DATA_MODE, DATA_INDENT, and NEWLINES parameters, which�when combined�effectively allow you to control the style of the markup.

The biggest drawback of this module still remains, though. XML::Writer requires�no matter what�an IO::Handle object for a file handle to be used to output XML to. This makes dynamically outputting XML to a scalar, something that should be relatively easy, surprisingly difficult, requiring some additional magic from IO::String to treat a scalar as though it were a file handle. While this is no longer an issue for users of Perl 5.8, if you're still using a prior version of Perl or writing a module for CPAN, this remains a very annoying problem.

This is functionality that probably could have easily been added to the module.

I also think the requirement of IO::Handle/IO::File objects in place of straight file handle names or file handle references could have been removed by some typeglobbing and symbol table work on the author's part�IO::Handle is used for author's convenience, not ours.