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Win32-GUI (1.06) *****

Fantastic! I'm using this in a hospital environment with a common perl out on a file share (zip drive strawberry), and it's handling a lot of common tasks for us. Win32::GUI is fantastic - I was going to use WX, but this turned out to be just plain easy to use.

thanks for the great software!

Win32-GUI (1.06) *****

An extremely powerful and useful module... the documentation and tutorials are scattered and occasionally out-of-date though, which makes it more difficult to learn.

Win32-GUI (1.02) *****

Fails to install on Debian! What on earth were you thinking, releasing software that doesn't support....

Only kidding.

This is a great module, in both senses of the word, and makes it a breeze to write little GUIs for Winodws-trapped end-users - see also PAR -
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