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Win32-DriveInfo (0.06) ****

This was the only package that I could find on CPAN that could give me the Win32 drive percentage of free space.

perl -MWin32::DriveInfo -e "my @info=Win32::DriveInfo::DriveSpace(q{C:});printf qq{Percent of Free Space: %0.2f\%\n}, $info[6]/$info[5]*100;"

Percent of Free Space: 32.03%


Win32-DriveInfo (0.06) ***

If you're accessing a remote server's drive and the server name contains a hyphen, the module will return zeroes.

See for the full thread and a solution.

Win32-DriveInfo (0.06) ****

Lists FreeSpace and more on Drives.
Fine. Did what i expected.