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Weather-Com (0.5.1) *****

The module is great to use, it does exactly what it says it does and then a bit more.
Even without a lot of knowledge of Perl I could get it to work easily.
Thomas his support is also fantastic! He answered immediately to every question I had, even the ones that did not have to do with the module, but with my lack of knowledge of perl.
Thanks for a great module!

Weather-Com (0.4.1)

I'm neutral as to the quality of this. It seems to be quite an elaborate package for interacting with the Weather Channel's web services.

As for the namespace, it's awful. "Weather::Com" is just way too wrong.

Weather-Com (0.1) *****

This is a great module and quite easy to use and customize. Documentation was complete. You can take a look at my simple application on the home page of . At the top of the page I use this module to place the weather for a spacific city. At the bottom of the page, users can request info for other cities. The module is simple, easy to use, well documented, and easily customizable (i.e. fahrenheit vs. centigrade, etc.).
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