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WWW-Mechanize-Shell (0.44) *****

A truly five-star module.

I know what WWW::Mechanize does, and I use a couple of modules that in turn use it, but I've always found the idea of setting up my own mechanizer as something rather intimidating and so I have always put off learning it.

I needed to scrape a secure site and realised that it was time to bite the bullet and finally learn how to use WWW::Mechanize. I first started by downloading a number of modules that use W::M to study real-life examples of use by other people.

And then I stumbled across this module. Much like a CPAN.pm session, you fire up an interactive shell. The first thing to do is to 'get' an URI, and from there you can look at the links and forms on the page. You can fill out form fields interactively, click on buttons, download page contents and save them to local files, follow links and generally behave like a web browser.

And when all is said and done, you can save your session as a perl program that replays your clickery wanderings as an instantiation of a WWW::Mechanize object, and with a little bit of polishing, your work is done.

A truly awesome piece of work that saved me heaps of time, and I enjoyed myself at the same time.

Something went wrong during the install, so I didn't get the online interactive help, but that was no problem, I just opened up documentation on search.cpan.org in a browser tab.

WWW-Mechanize-Shell (0.36) ****

Excellent Tool! I've never imagined web hacking can be so easy!