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WWW-Google-Video (0.4) **

The module doesn't do any error checking when using get() from LWP::Simple which causes warnings to be printed due to subsequent regex matches done on (undefined due to error) variable. Maybe it's just me, but I dislike the fact that you have to poke around in object's hash keys in order to obtain results of a fetch(), why not *return* a list, hash(ref) instead? That would easily allow implementation of error mechanizm. Not sure why "url to FLV" gets its "+" characters changed to plain spaces and not just left as they are, or at least changed to %20. Makes it pain to paste those URIs to say, IRC.

I question readability of ${$_[0]} throught the code as well.

Overall, I would say that if an author would put an extra five minutes of his time into this module it could be a decent piece of software.