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WWW-Contact (0.24) *****

I've only used this module to get contacts from Gmail, but I have to say that it was working for me within a matter of minutes. Excellent work and a HUGE time saver for the project that I'm working on right now. A big thank you to the authors!

WWW-Contact (0.22)

well, frankly as the author, I'm not rating it.

for the Hotmail issue, you should post a ticket in RT. it's fixed in 0.21

and for Moose, I think it's not an issue, it's really very popular nowadays. I use it in lots of projects.

Thanks for your rating anyway.

WWW-Contact (0.20) **

Seems to work for gmail ok. Hotmail is currently broken (they put up a captcha for the /mail/PrintShell.aspx?type=contact request, by the looks of it), email.com broken too.

Looks like Hotmail have a beta RESTful API: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb46....

This module has working support for gmail, but the dependency on Moose is a pain.