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WWW-Alexa-API (0.03) *

This is the review of version 0.05

Overall, there is no need for this module.

There's already WWW::Alexa::TrafficRank that is maintained, provides more features, and has a higher Kwalitee rank and tests that actually pass.

My attempt to see whether this module actually worked had issues, as prerequsites (such as XML::Hash::LX) didn't want to install without XML C libraries, and even once I got those installed, this module failed to install due to failing POD tests.

The documentation doesn't say anything about the structure of the hashref returned from the get() method, and even after dumping it with Data::Dumper, I'm quite uncertain about the meaning of all the various keys in it.

This is the author's first distro on CPAN, so any misgivings are of course, understandable, but as far as the module itself goes, WWW::Alexa::TrafficRank is a better alternative.