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Video-Xine (0.22)

I've attempted to address Mr. Rothenberg's issues. This module did fall by the wayside for a long time, for which I apologize.

The documentation examples have been fixed, and I've tried to make it clearer about how to integrate Video::Xine with X11::FullScreen. There are also example programs that use Video::Xine both as a player (bin/xine_play) and to find out the length of a media file (bin/xine_length).

I've also made X11::FullScreen a requirement. It was only listed as a recommendation before, since Video::Xine is still useful without it as an audio player and a file metadata reader, but I understand that that can be confusing. This module does not use Params::Validate or List::MoreUtils.

I'd like to thank Mr. Rothenberg for his reviews, both here and of other modules on CPAN.

Video-Xine (0.18) *

Missing explicit mention of prerequisites like Params::Validate, List::MoreUtils and X11::FullScreen.

Examples in synopsis are broken: it's not clear where variables come from, or there they are lowercase in one line and uppercase in another.

Even when all that is sorted, and the program runs with no errors, no window is displayed showing the video.

Considering that it's not been updated in almost two years, I've given up on it.