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Underscore (0.01) *****

Top banana port of the JavaScript library. Has fallen behind the JavaScript library with the march of time and could do with an update. Still, a useful tool in my Perl toolkit.

Underscore (0.01) *

This should be under the Acme namespace.

Also, there is already a preexisting module called 'underscore' and since case-sensitive filesystems are not unpopular, that should be taken into account when naming a module. An OSX user, for example, cannot install both underscore and Underscore.

Underscore (0.01)

I don't know why Sawyer X's review is marked as unhelpful (2 out of 8), but I agree with him. This is *not* an Acme module, it's a port of a JavaScript library of the same name.

Underscore (0.01) *****

No, it shouldn't be in Acme. The original library is called Underscore, and that's the proper name for it on CPAN.

Imagine Moose being ported to Javascript (and it has, under the name "Joose"), the proper name would be Moose and not Acme::Moose.

vti, good job!