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UNIVERSAL-moniker (0.08)

No overall rating since I have no use for this module, nor would I use it if I did. It really, *really* should not be used in production because of how it patches UNIVERSAL. Granted, since this module is in the UNIVERSAL namespace, that is no surprise, but I feel that the warning can not be understated for those who want this functionality and do not yet understand the ramifications of its implementation.

IMO, what would be better is something a bit more sophisticated (and in a different namespace) which takes as import arguments a list of modules to patch, and patches *only* those namespaces *lexically*.

That should not be hard to do by using some combination of B::Hooks::EndOfScope and Import::Into.

If you *really* want to be magickal, perhaps there's some way to determine which modules are loaded in the current scope, and patch *those* automatically (lexically, of course :)

Still, neat concept. I'd like to see a safer implementation!

UNIVERSAL-moniker (0.08)

Perl is not Ruby != everything Ruby does is horrible. This module has its uses.

UNIVERSAL-moniker (0.08) *

Perl is not ruby. Monkey-patching UNIVERSAL is horrible. Do not use!