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UNIVERSAL-implant (0.01_01)

Maybe the bottom rating should be "What documentation?"

I will admit that the native language may not be English, but explaining what Class::Implant does and why I should use this module that puts a gripping hand onto EVERYTHING (because it's a UNIVERSAL module) would be a good idea, please.

And interface got only 2 stars because it IS a UNIVERSAL module. UNIVERSAL modules automatically get 3 stars taken off.

Edit: Yeah, I was a little harsh for a first release. But I would still think VERY carefully before using this module as opposed to Class::Implant, as I would want to know exactly where any odd (basically, anything not in core) subroutines are coming from when I see them by doing:

require Class::Implant;

Class::Implant::implant ...;

UNIVERSAL-implant (0.01_01)

To Curtis Jewell: I do not think it is fair to rate a very first version of something which is marked with big red "** DEVELOPER RELEASE **" with 1 star. I do not think it should be rated at all, as a matter of fact. One could of course debate the value of putting something which is obviously not quite ready to CPAN - but then again, it is marked as a developer release for a reason.