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UI-Dialog (1.09-2)

Hi everyone,

I'm the original author of UI::Dialog and while I'm not going to review my own project, I would like to solicit some help from the general community on how to make UI::Dialog more "Secure" (as per: cpanratings.perl.org/user/avian review).

Due to the nature of this module wrapping external user interfaces, arbitrary shell commands seem to be the only real way to mange the user interface.

If there is a way to make UI::Dialog better in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email, CPAN bug reports or any other sane means.

My best!

UI-Dialog (1.08) ****

These modules where produced in 2003. And would be useful that someone could be able to update them and expand them.

What is worth to mention is the idea of building a standard UI for common dialogs. Not screens that require images and detailed text for long term use. But simple dialogs that you don't really care in what way they are shown, when you are in a hurry.

The point is standarizing the way of creating objects that would work the same, without Zenity in the system or with only an ASCII dialog box. You create the object the same, and you get the dialog box working with whatever the system has.

Very practical.

UI-Dialog (1.08) **

Simple interface, easy to use. Great if you need to add a menu or two to a console application.

What really spoils the good impression is that it's full of security issues. Don't use for displaying any untrusted strings as it is trivial to trick the module into executing arbitrary shell commands.