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ToolSet (1.00) *****

A quick glimpse into SYNOPSIS was all I needed for a ToolSet for Oneliners. I always wanted to load List::Util and friends without any fuzz.

# just rocks
perl -My -e 'say sum 1..10'

Above described is now available on CPAN in the distribution ToolSet::y

ToolSet (0.99)

Responding to the reviewer who questioned the use of arrows, it's so that ToolSet itself can be extended via subclassing and method overrides.

ToolSet (0.99) ****

I don't know what on earth the previous reviewer is upset about. Arrows are part of Perl's syntax and they're being used appropriately here. I'm adding this review as a counterbalance, to indicate that I like the idea of this module, and to state that its interface looks well-designed.
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