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Time-Out (0.11)

A wrapper around Perl's alarm()/$SIG{ALRM}, so it has the same limitations, e.g. you cannot use this to properly timeout external programs started by system()/backtick. For the latter, you might want to try IPC::Cmd (run() or run_forked()), or some simpler interface for it like System::Timeout.

Time-Out (0.05) ****

A great module.

The reason I give it only 4 stars is the frivolous 'affects' syntax. It looks like it adds semantics, but it's actually a no-op. You can (and should) just say “timeout $x => sub { ... }” to make this clear.

Other than that, I have no complaints: the interface is natural, the docs are as exhaustive as such a trivial interface requires, and ease of use… well, it would be hard to make this difficult to use.

Time-Out (0.03) ****

This is a great idea: the module has an intuitive interface for implementing time-outs. And (unlike many other time-out/alarm modules on CPAN) it has tests!

The only downside is that it does not work for blocking I/O (at least not on Windows).

Note: this is a review of v0.01