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Time-Local-Extended (0.44) *****

Excellent module for those who are struggling with Perl 2038 year limitation.

This module solves the problem (or, if you like, postpones it to 2098, which is more than enough in most cases).

Using it is as simple as 1 2 3... Just "use Time::Local::Extended;" instead of "use Time::Local;" ant the problem is gone, no need to modify any other parts of existing code.

Thanks a LOT

Time-Local-Extended (0.44) *

There are much better ways of doing this. This module really concerns me - basically if a date looks like it might be past 2038, the module subtracts 60 years and then passes the new value to Time::Local.

It then has to fudge around with the return value -- removing those 60 years and accounting for leap years.

One thing this module does not account for it what happens after 2098? Will we then need Time::Local::Extended::Extended? This module feels like a hack on an already crappy perl-internal date/time handling system.

(Disclaimer: I'm a contributor to the DateTime project @ datetime.perl.org)