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Time-Duration (1.06)

Very good at what it does (pronouce time in English).
Very simple to use.
Can be a nice touch.

Edit: I just came back to this module after a number of years.

Why did I only give it a four back then? It's clearly an overall five! It installs, it just works, the interface isn't overcomplicated.

If you need human readable durations, this is the one to get. Kudos.

Time-Duration (1.06) *****

Very handy module when you want to display "X happened [...] ago" in a human-friendly way. That is, not "21 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes and 57 seconds ago", but just "21 days", while for very recent events you do get "3 minutes and 49 seconds ago".

Also works for future times and for absolute durations.

Time::Duration / Time-Duration (1.02) ****

This just works. It does one job and does it well, it's clearly documented and well tested, it's useful and it saves time. It's everything a CPAN module should be.